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Alexander Rybak

Herlige Gutten

Alexander Rybak - Herlige gutten!
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Some of Alexander Rybak's crazy fangirls.

Alexander Rybak (born in Minsk, Belarus, on May 13, 1986) is a Norwegian violinist, singer, composer and actor. Rybak will represent Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow, Russia. UPDATE- Alexander Rybak is the winner of the 2009 Eurovision song Contest

This community is for fans of Alexander Rybak and general Eurovision squee.

Welcome there are just a few rules, nothing too bad though, so stop making faces.

1. All posts must be related to Alexander Rybak or Eurovsion. So no posting about your new puppy, that's what your own journal is for.

2. Please use the proper tags when posting something, it makes it easier to find things; if you find that no tag exists for what you are posting contact your mod by commenting here. You can also send a Private Message.

3. Put large large posts and multiple images under a lj-cut. Don't know how? This should help.

4. When posting icons/other graphics also use a lj-cut. No more than 3-4 icons for a preview please!

5. Have fun everybody!